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2014-2015 KEYNOTES

Cultural Proficiency in Social Media Policy and Guideline Development

Cultural Proficiency driven Internal and External Communications Strategies will take your organization to new heights. Have your employees and supporters leading the charge rather than towing the line. Get results when you learn about the tools and competencies for modern effective communication techniques.

  • Learn what your employees are saying and what drives them

  • Drive the conversations that will serve your organization

  • Create pooled resource assets for research and Logo Dotsdevelopment, publicity and messaging

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Post Traumatic Growth Planning

Post Traumatic Growth Planning is the new fresh positive perspective on trauma recovery planning. Our Six Growth Modules provide education, enlightenment and self empowerment. Whether you are high or low functioning in your recovery. planning and support will lead to a better quality of life.

  • Create your Trusted Care Team, Predictable Results and Reasonable Expectations

  • Go from Disorder to Organization and Optimism

  • Learn about successful personal communication techniques

  • Demystify and map out your recovery process

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Social Branding

Your Exponential Potential is within your reach!
Leave a Lasting First Impression in person and on-line
Build Brand Recognition, Confidence and Credibility

Natural Networking Strategies

Build a Stakeholder based Networking Strategy
Achieve your goals with superior Networking Skills Develop Communication Skills for Before, During and After any networking event


Post Traumatic Growth

We can help because we’ve been there
There is Hope
We have a manageable Plan
Clarify and Release your Future

Clarify Your Future

YOU can do this!

Invest in Yourself and a better future.  We have achievable improvements for you.  All it takes is time and a belief that guidance, structure and compassion can go a long way.  Committing to yourself is the fastest way to success.

Perfect Alignment

You have what it takes to accomplish your personal and professional goals.  Assess and align your assets to clarify your future today!

Follow Through!

Everything worthwhile is worth finishing.  To get the best bang for your buck you must complete the process.  You are worth the effort and there is no stopping you!

Experiential Workshops

  • Branding – Online and In Person
  • Strategic Networking – Stakeholder Based Networking
  • Post Traumatic Growth
  • Media Relations and Spokesperson Training
  • Values and Culture Identity
  • Social Media Policy and Guideline Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Cultural Competency